Innomind.org is a non-profit website which was founded by Renat Zarbailov in June 2002 with a focus to improve the quality of life through art and innovation.

We ask the hardest questions in our social experiment video interviews conducted around the world. We usability-review technologies that claim to improve human lives. We strive to bring cultures together to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest.

Our quest is to discover and present that which makes human lives healthy, efficient and harmoniously joyful.

Innomind.org is completely non-commercial and independent of any government, political ideology, or religious creed.

So what does the word innomind mean? Innovative + mind = Innomind.

Renat’s duties at Innomind.org: Researching, writing, visual/audio production and publishing, coordinating meeting events, planning and outreach activities.