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Open Video Conference | NYC June 19-20 2009

Interview with open video conference presenters and attendees on open video at the Open Video Conference 2009 in NYC.

The beauty of quitting

Your make up and lotions make a nutritious feast for acne-causing bacteria. More bacteria = more frequent breakouts and a higher risk of permanent scarring. Moisturizers can clog up your pores, causing nasty blackheads and whiteheads. Rashes and crusty, painful eczema can result from allergens like lanolin (grease secreted by sheep) and carmine (made from crushed beetles), found in lipstick, eyeliner and foundation. Cleansers, toner, and face scrubs may irritate healthy skin if used too often, making your skin blotchy, red and dry. Maybe you’re worried about pimples and pockmarks today. But what’s your skin going to look and feel like after a few months of experimenting with all of the products out there? Or after a few years of meddling? What’s it going to look like when it’s time for you to have kids of your own? Think about the companies that make and sell beauty products. Do they make more money when you’re happy and confident? Or when you’re plaqued by “imperfections” that they just happen to be able to “fix”? Luckily, it’s easy to take care of your own skin without buying into the scam. Wash it gently. Get plenty of sleep. Drink water. Exercise. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Don’t overdo it in the sun. Easy, inexpensive and natural. So forget about the beauty industry. This is the beauty of quitting.

Strida 5 Usability Review

This is a Usability Review of a Strida 5 foldable bike, which is designed by Mark Sanders and manufactured by Areaware.
Conducted over a month and a half period, this usability review portrays real user test rides that tell you the truth about what they felt about this bike.

Also, check out the exclusive audio interview with Mark Sanders (Inventor of Strida bike).

Check this out on Chirbit

The Truth Is… Canada

The filming of The Truth Is… (Canada) edition has been complete and individual videos of it published to The Truth Is… channel to Youtube. Please check back soon for the all-in-one video of The Truth Is… (Canada) edition.

Flying Rabbi (NYC 2009)

This is Spontaneously Yours with Flying Rabbi who was spotted in Borough Park area of Brooklyn.

Logitech MX Air Usability Review

This is a usability review of Logitech MX Air mouse. This is not your typical product review of its features and its capabilities. Conducted over two months period, this usability review portrays all aspects of this innovative device.

PluralEyes for Vegas Pro (64bit) Usability Review

This is a usability review of PluralEyes plugin, which promises to save hours in post-production for multi-camera edits, dual-system audio or multi-take workflows such as music videos. It automatically synchronizes all your audio and video clips without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation.

My Love

Love. What is it anyway? This project explores the views of couples in love everything about what love is, how they fell in love, and how it affected their life. Of course, there is no way words can express what love is, it can only be felt, but I decided to seek out anyone who can articulate it. After all, if one truly experienced Love, I mean truly truly, then he/she can simply close the eyes, and while “browsing” the imagination, articulate it verbally. In the beginning, back in 2004, the My Love project was filmed in a “chain reaction” approach, where each person interviewed got to interview the next interviewee. In 2009 this project changed direction to only interview couples in love.