Want to port out your number from your MagicJack account to Google Voice? Here are the steps:

1. Make sure your MagicJack account is active and not expired.

2. Since MagicJack number is not a mobile number it needs to be ported to a cell phone provider such as T-Mobile, Verizon wireless, or At&t or any other US cell phone carrier. Simply buy a basic pre-paid phone such as Samsung Gusto or Gusto 2, LG Revere at Wallmart, Kmart, Target, Bestbuy, Radioshack. It should cost under $20 and comes with $10 pre-paid minutes balance.

3. Call the cell phone company (pre-paid phone activation department) and tell them that you want to port your own number. Provide them with your MagicJack phone number, account number and account security code if you have one (4-8 numbers, usually needed when calling MagicJack support). Ask the pre-paid cell phone company to setup a $1.99/day unlimited plan and never use the $10 balance that came with the pre-paid phone. The porting takes from 2-10 days, in most cases no longer than 2 days.

4. Once you have the MagicJack phone number successfully ported to the pre-paid cell phone account your number is now considered mobile and can easily ported to your Google Voice account by paying $20 port-in fee to Google Voice.

At this point you can use your former MagicJack phone number to make free phone calls using Google Voice on your Android smart phone that has unlimited 4G LTE connectivity. How you may ask?

1. In android market download SIPdroid app
2. Create a free account with
3. Configure your Google Voice number in settings of both SIPdroid and accounts. And bingo! Free VOIP calls via LTE.

Or, for a simpler way, albeit with a bit less sound quality as of Dec. 2012, download GrooVe IP ($4.99) from Android Google Play market. Login using your Google Voice account and start making free voice calls via your unlimited 4G LTE connection of your Android smart phone. You can also opt for a free version of GrooVe IP Lite, but it only works on a WiFi connection, not over LTE.

In addition to that, if you want to use your Google Voice on a land-line phone and never pay for land-line phone service again, here are the steps:
1. Get Obi110 on for $49
2. Configure your Google Voice tel. number in Obi110’s settings to work with each other and, viola! Free phone calls for life.





  1. I tried porting a Magic Jack number to a Cricket Wireless family plan. That didn’t work. Cricket wireless don’t accept porting from a VOIP number. So, make sure that the cell phone company accepts porting from Magic Jack before you buy a phone just for porting out of Magic Jack.

    In my case, Magic Jack’s device stopped working properly half way through the 5 year plan they sold us. Now they want to make us buy a new device since they say it’s out of warranty (even though they sold us the plan by saying that the warranty will be extended to the whole 5 years). I recommend avoiding Magic Jack like fire.

  2. MAGICJACK IS A BUNCH OF CHINESE CRIMINALS, AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. Terrible service, worse customer service.


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