4K Security Camera


As of this writing – June 2022, one of the most advanced consumer security camera Google Nest Cam IQ stores all the Nest Aware 1080P footage in the cloud. Yes there’s a way to zoom-in and toggle the + to get higher resolution recording, but it’s only limited to when the user does that during live viewing. When viewing the cloud-stored footage the user gets pixelated mess that makes people’s faces hard to recognize. All this is due to the fact that the upload speeds where the Nest Cam IQ is located may be too slow (10MBs). This camera has a 4K chip natively, but it captures the footage in 1080P, what if it recorded true 4K footage onto internal RAM, say 50GB in capacity, and then moved the footage sequentially to an SD card of any size. This way there’s no compromise in resolution quality of the footage. If the user needs to view the footage stored on the SD card using his phone, he can access the cloud version in HD, and if he needs 4K footage of it, he can select 4K option to be able to download the footage with crystal clear details. The amount of days of 4K stored footage is only limited by the storage capacity of the SD card inserted in the camera.




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