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Practical advice on how to make something happen…

The First Principles Method Explained by Elon Musk

In an interview with Kevin Rose Elon Musk has beautifully explained how thinking based on first principles can lead to remarkable insights. Here are...

Online dating tips for women

Everyone tried online dating, and what many women don't realize is how important choosing the right pictures for their profiles is. Online dating tips...

How to get a Chinese visa in New York City

This is how to get a Chinese visa from New York City; 1. Download and fill out visa application on this web site, make sure...

To succeed in business, act like a child

Courtesy: Matt Hunt During a rainy vacation day last summer, I watched my six-year-old son playing a game on my iPad. He was stuck on the...

How to store MiniDV tapes for archival

You got lots of family MiniDV or Hi8 tapes and you want to preserve those memories as long as possible. First rule of thumb;...

What kinds of people have figured out how to get a...

Hipsters? Couponers? Extreme Retirees? Expats? Who's living the good life with minimal spending? ANSWERS: Katie Bremer, Frugal! Me! I'm no an expert at this, but...Successful Digital Nomads...

Prevent Automatic Windows 10 Downloading and Installing Updates

When you set your internet connection as “metered,” Windows 10 won’t automatically download updates on it. 1. Go to Settings app > Network & Internet...

How to wake up earlier & do more stuff

Courtesy: Neila Rey And no, it’s not about going to bed earlier… although that helps. At the core of being able to wake up earlier...

Maine School Engages Kids With Problem-Solving Challenges


Trust – to decrease cost

Tim O'Reilly talks about saving time and money when you trust people.