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Amazing inventions…

Inside 3D Printing 2013 NYC

This is Daniel Ratai of Leonar3do International, who invented Leonardo device that allows 3D modelers to easily create 3D models. Hailing from Hungary, this...

Expectation of Privacy

By Jonathan Zdziarski courtesy zdziarski.com Many governments (including our own, here in the US) would have its citizens believe that privacy is a switch (that is,...

Idea: Phone Newscaster

A handle that plugs into any smart phone from the bottom and takes control of microphone and video capturing capabilities as well as record/pause...

Tesla Model S in Manhattan

I was walking in Chelsea area of Manhattan one day when I spotted a sleek-looking car from afar, when I got closer I realized...

20 Years of Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has been a part of every web designer’s life since they picked up their first mouse. On February 10th, 2010, Photoshop turns...

The times of Hysteria?

People trust media to the point of getting into hysteria. Hysteria about global warming, about the economy, about sustainability, going green, etc. If there's...

Here Hook

Never again will you have to tell guests where to hang their jackets. Enough said... Another minimalistic wonder from Richard Shed - sheding light...

The Fat Leg Cable Table

The Fat Leg offers cable management with character, where better to store unsightly cables than inside a giant fat leg?