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Travel Column

The Innomind.org travel column showcases travelogues from some of the most-traveled world travelers and nomads this planet has to offer. They write about their adventures as nomads traveling around the world and discoveries of human nature and self-knowledge.

How to get a Chinese visa in New York City

This is how to get a Chinese visa from New York City; 1. Download and fill out visa application on this web site, make sure...

Tom Thumb – Hitchhiking From England to India with No Money

When Tom Thumb, founder of roadjunky.com was 20 he made his way overland to India without a penny in his pocket. Risking illness, hunger...

Cameron Rees – Cycling 13 Countries, 2010

One afternoon in Budapest I met Cameron, an Australian who has cycled 6,244 km alone around Europe. On this 118-day journey he spent 312...

Berlin to Georgia Republic and back Travel Video Diary

This is my travel video diary which shows highlights of my hitch-hiking trip from Berlin to Georgia Republic via Istanbul and back. Along the...

Best Currency Exchange Rates in Prague

If you happen to be in Prague having only US cash, you should be extremely careful of where you exchange your money to the...

Strida 5 on Airplane

This is a video on how to take your Strida bike on an airplane so that you don't damage the disc brakes and the...

Virgin America in-flight WiFi

I decided to fly Virgin America on my trip to San Francisco from NY, and let me tell you about the experience... Despite being...

Ideal camcorder for traveling filmmaker

By: Renat Zarbailov More than ever people nowadays travel around the world and more and more they use camcorders to capture life on video. Imagine a...

Spontaneous Hitchhiking in Europe

By: Renat Zarbailov The most spontaneous thing I ever done was in Amsterdam when I was filming The Truth Is... project in 2005.  I was...