Cheapest way to JFK airport


This is the cheapest way to get to JFK airport. Total time around 2 hours.

Flying out of NYC:
1. Take the 3 train to New Lots ave (last stop)
2. Take B15 bus to Leffers Boulevard stop*
3. Take Airtrain to your airline terminal – avoiding the $5 entry fee

*If your flying JetBlue go past Leffers Boulevard stop to Terminal 5 (last stop on B15) bus.

Total amount one way is $2.50, that includes transfer from subway to bus. I have used this path many times traveling abroad and back to NYC and it works every time.

Flying into NYC:

Returning back to NYC, all you need is Metrocard that has at least $2.50 on it to board the B15 bus at the airport. At any terminal in JFK airport, simply go to information desk and ask where you can take the B15 bus to New Lots ave number 3 subway train.




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