How to get a Chinese visa in New York City


This is how to get a Chinese visa from New York City;

1. Download and fill out visa application on this web site, make sure you select 2013 version.
2. Buy an airline ticket to China and get a hotel reservation. If you’re staying with a friend in China, you’d need a signed invitation letter from him with a photocopy of his ID.
3. Once you have all of the above, make sure you bring the following to the Chinese embassy:

  • US passport
  • A color or black and white 2X2″ passport photo.
  • A photocopy of your passport, the page that has your picture and all info about you.
  • A print out of your airline flight reservation.
  • A print out of your hotel reservation or signed invitation letter from friend in China and a copy of his ID (see sample below)
  • $140 money order or available on credit/debit card for 4-day processing time or $160 for 2-day express processing.

Visit Chinese embassy, entrance on W42 street corner 12 ave. Tip, I went there an hour before closing time on a Tuesday and I was out an hour and twenty minutes later. Towards the end of the work day the visa clerks don’t ask too many questions to be able to get the people out quickly. You pay the processing fee when you pick up your passport that contains your Chinese visa.





  1. Advice states that to get the visa, you should make a booking for a return airline ticket to China – plus reserve accommodation (hotel room etc). What happens if you do all this and then the visa application is rejected? Shouldn’t getting the visa be the first step before committing to buy an airline ticket??

  2. I agree that would be logical approach, however, that’s how the Chinese embassy in US operates.

  3. Hello! Do you have an updates to this post regarding changes in the visa process after COVID? Please let me know. Thanks!


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