Humans – Parasites?


By: Renat Zarbailov

On the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow I noticed a young lady brest-feeding her newborn baby. The baby’s mouth sucking on mothers breast gave me an impression of a parasite. But work with me here… In essence the baby is a parasite because it has the available channel from which to eat from. This channel is given freely without any force. The mother, on the other hand, will have health issues with her breast if baby refuses to suck the milk, hence the usability factor comes into play here. The nature took care of the justice system between the receiver and the giver, the giver must give out of free will to the receiver that needs it at that moment. If there is force from either part it may turn into violence and fear – hence causing health issues. My mother had an issue like that with me when I was a baby. It seems that at that time my mom had an argument with my father and there was some period I was breast-fed by my aunt Nora. Presumably as a baby I must have gotten used to the milk of aunt Nora and when my mom returned to breast-feed me I rejected it. This rejection caused the milk in one of my mother’s breasts get spoiled and she had to undergo surgery. If she would have waited without doctor’s help she could have lost that breast.

Analogy to this is evident in the whole nature. The earth is like the mother, it needs to be used to replenish and cleanse itself. Humans feed off of it and its inhabitants to gain energy to sustain their existence. The earth is stimulated by the cycle of various degrees of heat coming from the sun. In other words the earth is the equivalent of a baby and the sun is the equivalent of the mother. What does the sun feed off of? Is it like free lunch for the earth? The sun is unconditional?

What are your thoughts?




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