Ideal camcorder for traveling filmmaker

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By: Renat Zarbailov

More than ever people nowadays travel around the world and more and more they use camcorders to capture life on video.

Imagine a camcorder which allows editing of video right on the camcorder. Presumably while filming, it would on-the-fly convert the footage into two video files right in the camcorder. In other words, when you film a minute of video you end up with two files of the same length, one in AVCHD 17- 24Mbps  and another in Youtube-ready 1080P H.264 mp4 6Mbps format. The user will be able to create titles and rolling end credits in an easy to edit template approach right on the camcorder’s LCD screen. After the shoot the filmmaker will be able to choose from the previously created titles/end credits template. Oftentimes I find myself returning back from the shoot using public transportation and the time in transit allows me to sift through the footage filmed and deleting unwanted clips right in the camcorder. Say if the filmmaker has an ongoing project like The Truth Is…, he will put together all the video clips in any order or length and choose the precreated titles while editing the end credits very easily without the need for a PC. The final Youtube-ready video file he then can upload via USB cable connected to any computer or by pulling out the SD card to save camcorder battery . This camcorder will be certified for YouTube for its ease of use. Ideally this camcorder will have a WiFi capability so videos can be uploaded right from the camcorder. Also, like the Samsung SC-X210WL pocket camcorder (which is now discontinued), ideally this camcorder will have the wireless lens capability in a form of glasses as an add-on. The lens placed on the bridge of the glasses’ frame. This way the possibility to capture films with innovative points of view will be not a dream of the distant future but a reality.




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