Lemon Deodorant


Did you know that lemon juice is a great deodorant? Most commercial antiperspirants and deodorants contain Aluminum chlorohydrate, which is toxic to human health and full of heavy metals that can cause severe harm to the human nervous system. To rub such products under the arms is inviting the absorption of these harmful chemicals, which many believe will inevitably lead to cancer or neurological problems (such as Alzheimer’s disease). So what is a natural alternative? Lemon. That’s right, lemon zesty slices prevent body odor. Be aware that freshly shaved arm pits may have micro cuts that may cause crazy sting when applying lemon juice there. It works great if you shower everyday though since the lemon juice withers away when when fighting sweat due to physical activity. For best results, if you are a male, is to clip away arm pit hair using body care hair clippers, be sure not to scratch or cut the skin, as it may lead to lemon juice sting. There are people who swear that another natural deodorant is milk of magnesia, however, we haven’t tried it yet to confirm its effectiveness. Rest assured, lemon juice works and it can easily be purchased at local food/grocery stores to make your own lemon deodorant. Be sure to use real cut lemon slices, not the lemon juice that is sold in plastic lemon-looking containers as it may contain other chemicals.






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