Moby’s advice on Creativity





  1. We very much enjoy Moby’s music; however, we don’t care for its association to New Age. The term New Age comes from the word Witchcraft, which is very much associated with Satanic subduction through music. He has amazing abilities where music is concerned in influencing people…look around you. He was while an Arch Angel, called Lucifer, was in charge of the worshiping. And now, people yield themselves to him to become famous, which is obviously not a fantasy…seeing Satan worshipers’ music.

  2. despite what Eminem says Moby is not a fag and people DO listen to Techno or whatever music moby makes…yeah i don’t know what kind of music Moby makes but i like it i i respect Moby and the person he is and the music he makes 🙂

  3. dude seriously?? i hate this ass bag. dont take too many drugs, really? shut up. what works for your talent-less ass may not work for others. i may want to get into music and take no drugs whatsoever, or i may be in to music and take a shit ton everyday. one thing is for sure, whatever the music may be, it sure as fuck will be better than what the fuck you ever did, nerd. one of the worst songs ever in my opinion was that fucking rancid piece of shit you did with gwen steffani a couple years ago

  4. Isn’t there a risk of regressing the longer you do something you love but don’t find success?

  5. And ALWAYS avoid the really really hard stuff unless your friend is a responsible, caring, devoted and very insightful/talented doctor who can make sure you’re balancing out and keeping healthy, happy that you also will listen to when they smack you into saying “that’s enough!”

  6. @mattdickinsonfuckyou richard dawkins was a christian (before he de-converted to atheism)

  7. This doesn’t explain sampling almost full tracks. Make music that you love? Steal music that you love, you mean.


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