No face-blur plugin?


It is year 2013, and I just realized that there is no face blur plugin for any video editing software, I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. It is a shame really. In the world where more and more people take pictures or videos in public, I am truly surprised that there is no easy automated solution for face-blur. Google has been having this technology in its street-view for years now. How come there is no such plugin? Here is a video where this guy talks about how to do it manually in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. He talks for 8 minutes, that’s a long time to invest for a little thing like face-blur..

All it requires is video analysis applied for face recognition in video editing software, just like what consumer camcorders and still cameras recognize faces. It shouldn’t be a time-consuming task for a video editor, like the way Adobe Premiere approaches extracting subtitle text from the audio in the timeline, takes very long and results may vary on the quality of the audio. A face is a face, it is very distinct compared to anything else happening in a given video frame. Yes, low light may be the enemy of a precise face recognition but then it’s kind of meaningless to apply face-blur when it’s hard to see the face in the dark anyway. I say, the time has come video plugin developers to look into this.

Update May 3rd, 2013:
I recently discovered NVeiler Video Filter. Costing around $32, it is an automated face detection/blur plugin for VirtualDub (Free video editing software). Though it is refreshing to see automatic face recognition and burring in video-editing software, VirtualDub is not mainstream user-friendly video-editng solution. It would be great to see NVeiler Video Filter plugin available for Adobe Premiere Pro as well as FinalCut and other frequently used video-editing programs.




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