Online dating tips for women


Everyone tried online dating, and what many women don’t realize is how important choosing the right pictures for their profiles is. Online dating tips for women have been compiled by men, so you know what guys think when looking at your dating profile.

1) Don’t post photos of you and your friends on a dating web site.
– Unless of course you want to show me how attractive your friends are, which is weird.
– Seeing photos of you in a line of 10 women It tells me that you can’t stand on your own or that you lack confidence.
– If I’m looking at YOUR profile, I want to see photos of YOU.
2) Don’t post a photo in which you’ve cropped out your last boyfriend.
– You’re not fooling anyone; I know that’s his arm behind your neck.
3) Don’t post scenery photos
– Talk about the trips you’ve taken, favorite and/or dream destinations.
4) Don’t post pics of your kids (if you have them)
– It’s a dating web site, keep that in mind.
5) Don’t post pics of you with someone ELSE’S kids (if you don’t have kids)
– It looks like you have one, or you desperately want one.
6) Don’t post solo pics of your pets
– Just tell me you like/have pets and let it be part of the conversation.
7) Don’t post for the ‘silly face’ pose
– it’s usually NOT a flattering photo
8) Don’t post a pursed-lipped (duck-bill) photo
– It’s not flattering and it just looks you’re either arrogance, or a follower
9) Don’t post bikini photos.
– While sexy photos will catch a guy’s eye for sure but you will get the creeper element’s attention. And they don’t require much encouragement to creep on.
10) I know you love to laugh.
– Check your profile, check your friend’s profiles.
– I guarantee at least ONE of you in your group has stated this obvious fact.
– A joke is made with friends on how many women “love to laugh”.
– Ironically, your arrogant, duck-billed, pursey-lipped photos suggest otherwise.
– Me? I’m a fan of frowning.

Profile Suggestions:
– if you look miserable, guys will think you are.
2) See #1
3) Post a few photos, not just one.
– I want to see what you REALLY look like.
– Your photos should be CURRENT.
– Post one of your full body (not a sexy shot, but one that says “this is me, i’m not trying to hide”)
– Post one of you doing something you love.




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