Idea: Phone Newscaster


A handle that plugs into any smart phone from the bottom and takes control of microphone and video capturing capabilities as well as record/pause function with camera switch capability (front cam/back cam). This product comes with its own editing software that allows adding preset titles and end credits as well as second and third audio track overlay on editing timeline. The pause of video “waits” even for several hours without draining the battery even if the phone is turned off between video takes. Once the video is captured, the user can upload footage unedited to YouTube or any other platform (using phone’s LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity), or add additional audio tracks in its editor.

Price? The handle/app combo could easily be sold for $1500

The second version of this product includes optical lens attachment with optical zoom. Also, multi-cam capability where record/pause can be swapped between host phone and the child one using personal Wi-Fi connectivity between them.

What are your thoughts on this concept?




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