Richard T Scott: Artist Spotlight (New York 2013)


Richard is a Georgia-born artist who lives and works in Hudson Valley, New York. He was interviewed in his studio on January 10, 2013.

In this in-depth interview, Richard talks about how he emerged as an artist, who he considers his role-models, the state of representational art and its role in the contemporary art saturated market.

He also talks about his experience working for Jeff Koons, the art business today, and how he built his brand. His works can be seen at his web site:


Working between New York and Paris, Richard T Scott is known for his contemporary figurative paintings and his writing on aesthetic theory and contemporary art.

His work has exhibited at Le Grand Palais in Paris, Palazzo Cini in Venice, the Museum of New Art in Detroit, and is part of collections worldwide such as the former British Arts Minister Alan Howarth of Newport, Prince Morad El Hattab, and prominent collector of Andrew Wyeth: Dr. Richard Epes. Richard’s work has been auctioned at Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury & Company.

Richard holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from The New York Academy of Art, renowned for its synthesis of the classical tradition of figurative art and contemporary art theory.

“Whether it is in his portraits, his compositions, or either still in his interiors, Richard T. Scott always tries to produce, on his spectators, a certain effect of strangeness, or at least, something like a feeling of longing. That’s why, maybe, his compositions are populated for the greater part with mirrors in which appear, not simply beings just like those who face us – but of real spectres having the function to destabilize our glance while giving the fourth dimension for us to see” – by Frédéric Charles Baitinger, Critic, Artension




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