Strida 5 on Airplane


This is a video on how to take your Strida bike on an airplane so that you don’t damage the disc brakes and the belt. I was using Air Berlin airline and this video explains how to check-in your Strida bike without having to pay for the baggage. This video was created for Strida 5 bike but similar approaches can be applied to previous and future ¬†iterations of this wonderful bike.

I welcome your comments or suggestions on how to improve my approach to transport Strida bike on airplane.




  1. Yes…byproduct420 is right. A bag would save one from paying the excess fee. Plus it will be an added protection. @innomind has done a good job of protecting the bike…but in addition he should have used a rugged bag to check-in like a regular baggage with fragile written over the bag. Any rugged cordura bag (and they are cheap $40-50) would work fine. It works!


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