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Strida 5 Usability Review


This is a Usability Review of a Strida 5 foldable bike, which is designed by Mark Sanders and manufactured by Areaware.
Conducted over a month and a half period, this usability review portrays real user test rides that tell you the truth about what they felt about this bike.

Also, check out the exclusive audio interview with Mark Sanders (Inventor of Strida bike).

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  1. Not that wouldn’t be nice, but he was also wearing rollerblades at the same time, so if you were just wearing kneepads I don’t think it would be an issue.

  2. The lower the weight of the bike the more expensive this bike will become. Going all carbon fibre is an expensive alternative.

  3. This test is only on flat ground.
    Bike needs gears – only ONE speed!
    Otherwise, not suitable for hills.
    Also, wheel only attach to ONE side of frame!
    Don’t try to put a hub motor on it – not strong enough!

  4. The first bus driver was completely wrong. Not rude; just incorrect. In NYC, any bike is allowed on the subway at any time. And any folded folding bike is allowed on buses at any time (unfolded bikes are never permitted on buses).

  5. I have a Strida – note that strings on the handle grips can be used to hold down the breaks so that the wheels don’t roll around like it did in the scene with the chubby guy on the bus. I travel with it on the train standing up with it all the time. I use and abuse this bike everyday on my commute. Love it and recommend it. Crazy thorough review. It would be great to be able to watch a review like this for every big purchase in life!

  6. @suddenfitz You’re right about the strings on the handle grips. However, they are cumbersome to use, especially when on a moving buds or train. The inventor should’ve come up with an easy to lock using one hand approach. This mechanism would be best attached on or near the handle for rolling the bike when folded.

  7. what a nice review. Really good work. Not like all the other hidden commercial “reviews”

  8. Трэшевая вещь! Только что по офису гонял ) Очень маневренная.

  9. Mr. Moustacho: “What about this thing? What is that?”
    Hot Green Girl: “This… It’s a rack, maybe… to put something on it…?”
    Mr. Moustacho: “Very nice rack!”

    Let’s just say that the dialog could be recycled for another project.

  10. Test drive a few folding bike before you decide which one you want. I’ve ridden bikes my whole life and I was amazed how different many of the folders feel from each other.


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