The times of Hysteria?


People trust media to the point of getting into hysteria. Hysteria about global warming, about the economy, about sustainability, going green, etc. If there’s anything to be concerned about, the media paints it in such a way that the people become hysterical. Unfortunately even the young inventors get caught in swirling down into the hysteria drain. Trying to benefit from all the hysteria, they waste their time and energy to come up with solutions to solve the things people are hysterical about.

One good example is one guy coming out with a sink/toilet that claims to save water.

I coudn’t agree more with someone posting the following about all the hysteria and inventors following these fads. He wrote;

“In these post-global warming days it appears that water is the next big subject. But folks – you have to have to find a better one than that. Water doesn’t go floating out into space after use. It is always here, always cleansed by a process called the Water Cycle. No amount of jumping up and down hysteria will change that.

New inventions need a credible foundation to become great inventions. Find something that is really helpful, and not based on the politically correct fad crisis of the moment. Edison did not set out to save electricity. He set out to light people’s homes.”

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