Virgin America in-flight WiFi


I decided to fly Virgin America on my trip to San Francisco from NY, and let me tell you about the experience… Despite being a start-up on the US airline market it seems that Virgin America has a different perspective on in-flight entertainment. As soon as we took off and the “do not use electronics” signs were off I was able to log on to the free WiFi internet service, sponsored by Virgin America and Google for a limited time, till January 15, 2010, ($15/flight after this promo). The service is provided by a company called GoGo, and to log on it asks you for your email address and off you go surfing. A quick internet speed-test reveals that the connection is only 200 kilobits down and 200 kilobits up, which isn’t that fast for nowadays web speeds, though it feels fast. Gmail, average browsing, even Youtube worked like a charm, except of course for Youtube HD. And in case if your laptop or any other electronic device runs out of juice, there’s power outlets below the seats, though only two per three seats. Overall I really loved being able to surf the web some 35,000 feet above ground. I think every airline, especially on international flights, should consider adding this nifty feature. If your work requires being online, this is a great productivity tool.




  1. I can’t wait! there was a special going on for Virgin, I booked a flight from San Fran to NYC for only $280!! if there was no special i definitely wouldn’t have spent $500

  2. I just flew with them last week to Vegas. Their Wifi is rediculously slow and I couldn’t figure out where the AC outlet was.

  3. The GPS Computer Should Always be Free. I’d rather watch that than any other feed program!


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