How to wake up earlier & do more stuff


Courtesy: Neila Rey

And no, it’s not about going to bed earlier… although that helps. At the core of being able to wake up earlier in the morning and actually connect before you have your first cup of coffee is the desire to be awake. Have you ever been so excited about the events of the previous day that you had no problems waking up before your alarm and feeling fresh and alert despite being short of sleep?  Basically, being excited about life is what makes your brain switch on faster after a long time of idleness, having something to look forward to is what does it.

Getting a great job to look forward to every single day is probably a dream of every and each one of us but, in reality, a job is a job. The majority of us have jobs we definitely do not look  forward to so the treasured sleep is something we don’t want to end prematurely, not even five minutes before we absolutely have to. There are other ways to get that spark and the extra time in the beginning of your day, though, like starting a routine that will get you excited and make you want to get up. Going for an early morning run or playing a game before work can be that routine, for example. It’s up to you what this exciting activity will be but it has to be something you really enjoy and want to do.

Even if you are an owl and go to bed late it’ll still work – you’ll be cutting back on sleep and reclaiming the most and the best time for living.

Why start your day earlier than you have to? Because that’s life – having time for yourself and things you enjoy doing apart from work, chores and other responsibilities that tend to just pile up on top of you throughout the entire day/week/year. If you haven’t got the time to do things you love – make time, cut back on things you can cut back on. Starting a day doing something you truly enjoy is starting your day on a high and being more satisfied with yourself by the end of it even if short of sleep.

Some people can sleep over eight hours a day and still feel tired. This well may be the disconnect of the brain from the reality you live in. If you make your life exciting enough there will be no time or need for that much sleep.

You’ll want to be awake for the life you design for yourself. You might be short of sleep but you’ll surely feel more alive, more with it and more satisfied with your life overall.





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