Friends by appointment only


By Rick Lenchus

Life is full of surprises as we all know. Some just sneak up on you when you are not ready.

Friends is such a loose grouping of letters because friends can be closer than brothers and sisters or far removed in the world of politics and greed.

Friends in a war zone have to watch each others back. It is a professional requirement for survival.

Friends in business always have a knife in their back pocket to stab anyone who gets in their way to fame and fortune, including friends.

So many parables and poetic sayings about life being precious and short. So many saying wealth cannot buy happiness or health. So many saying today is the last day of my life and would I want to hold my loved ones close or say “Damn I wish I could work another hour for my boss”?

Recently I meet a “Dear” old friend who was my “Rabbi” my friend.

He always looked out for me, or so I believed.

I was visiting someone on his floor where he works and did not want to insult him by passing by without saying “hello”.

His boss, the owner of many real estate properties is a “Friend” of mine whose door is ALWAYS open to everyone from the Maintence man to the Office Mail Room Clerk.

He is a good, honest, decent man, and whenever I am on his penthouse floor I always say hello unannounced, and he always welcomes me for as long as I like.

But “MY FRIEND” was upset that I did not make an appointment to see him, a worker and not the Boss.

So life has many twists and turns. Some of us dress in expensive suits to impress others and fool ourselves. Others dress in worn out jeans and cowboy boots with no ties because they don’t have to impress anyone but themselves. They are rich enough to drop all airs.

I have met them both. I dress in Jeans because I know who I am and am comfortable even with no money in my pocket but lots of Love from real friends, who may be carrying knives.




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