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It is Saturday evening and I am building a desk chair out of cardboard. I see I’m running out of the glue, Gorilla Wood Glue in particular. So I fire up a web browser and google “Gorilla Wood Glue, 11229”, where 11229 is the zip code where I live. Result? Nada… Nothing, just bunch of web sites related to glue but no stores that sell this glue in my area. I know a store that does but it closes at 7pm on Saturdays, and it is 6:56pm now.

So, here comes my “Should Exist” request;
There should be a registry of product availability established between product distributors and brick-and-mortar stores, online stores should not apply since this is only for immediate search and purchase fulfillment. So customer searches a product name or model number followed by his zip-code and the google map pin-points where this product is currently available based on the current time and locality. Google, are you listening? After all, we are living in the 24th century… Yes 🙂 twenty fourth!




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