Mood balanced via good design


As I am flying a very early morning Virgin America flight from NY to San Francisco, being sleepless and exhausted, I am realizing that good design is a very important aspect of one’s mood and well being. Let me elaborate. The arm support on the seats have very sharp edges, sharp enough to make one uneasy when resting his arms on them. As I am typing this article, the HP Mini net book is cutting into my palms making the experience even less joyful. If the edge area, where the palms rest when someone types on this netbook, would be smoother and angled, fading into the table, it would really be a design for humans.

If we look around us we can finds objects in our lives that make up this “noise”, or “design noise” which alter our mood for the worse. Why do we humans have to cope with object that we designed ourselves for ourselves?

Imagine a world where humans are surrounded with objects that lift up the mood and make lives much more joyful especially when one is having a sleep deprivation that I am going through right now 🙂




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